Froyo First...

but not stopping there. 

We love dessert, healthy options, and magical creations!

MooMoo's opened 6 years ago in McMurray, Pennsylvania.  Two years ago it was purchased by Mike and Rebecca Young.  It is truly locally owned and operated.  Today MooMoo's is more passionate than we've ever been.  We're working hard to bring you even more creative treats that go beyond frozen yogurt.  (Although we love our froyo roots and will always be froyo first.)  


We love thinking of new ways to expand your dessert options.  We want you to be able to make healthy choices for your lifestyle and your family.  Check out our Vegan/Dairy Free options as well as how awesome our healthy smoothies are.  They taste so great, you won't even believe they're good for you.   

Mike is the heart of the business.  You will know it as soon as you meet him -  he loves people.  He enjoys spending time with all of the guests that come through the door and he has probably made several of you laugh with his incredible sense of humor.  


For any of you who have met Rebecca, she is our in-house taste-tester, Smoothie-creator and the biggest dessert eater you will ever meet.  When Mike first took her on a dinner date, years ago, he couldn't believe she would just order dessert!  She is the reason why we keep the highest-end premium frozen yogurt - because she will never sacrifice taste or quality. Rebecca is a local ultimate frisbee player and licensed professional counselor.  Mike has captained a PSL flag football league for over 8 years.  So they both know how important it is to eat healthy...even with a dessert addiction.   

Our Staff - You Make all the Difference

It's what's on the inside that counts

We are raising the next generation of workers - straight out of high school.  For most of our staff, working at MooMoo's is their first job.  ​And we want to train them right.  We enjoy working with youth and helping them to learn work ethic, responsibility, and customer service.  


You can help us develop their skills!  Let them know when they're doing a great job or have made your experience special...or let us know on social media if you see one of them working extra-hard.  We will celebrate their achievement and hard work. They make MooMoo's possible.  


 Of course, working at a dessert shop is always a perk!  Please let us know if there's any way we can continue to develop our staff or our store to make your visit even more engaging.  



465 Valley Brook Road

McMurray, PA 15317



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